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Innovative Solutions to

Move Your Business Forward.


​​Contineo LLC consults with small and mid-market companies to provide strategic planning, financial reviews to improve cash flow and guidance to prepare companies for sale or an injection of new capital. Our broad experience as investment bankers, operators and consultants enables us to keep businesses on track with their goals, knowing that the day-to-day grind of business often prevents companies from reaching their potential. Our team works with senior management teams and boards to serve as a catalyst to improve their business’s overall performance.

Contineo also provides business development consulting.  We leverage our vast connections to help companies gain distribution in a variety of channels, ranging from digital marketing and face-to-face sales to telesales, and unique, outside the box channels.  Our focus is on helping companies increase their revenue by augmenting their existing sales and marketing programs. 

Management Consulting
Interim Executive Work
Business Development
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